Plane's End

Escape from Snaga

Session 2 (1-29-2015)

The party is surrounded by Guards. Asholm is surrounded by the back door of The Rat’s Daggers. Six guards form a semi-circle around him with four guards leading the four slaves out from inside the restaurant. Floyd and Roger are hiding around the corner of the building watching this unfold as four more Guards spot them and approach from the street.

The four guards from around the building approach Roger and Floyd, commanding them to step back. The head guard takes note of the two other adventurers and wolf and says, “Ahh, well, there are the other two.”

One of the guards from the 2nd group calls to the head guard, “Hey boss!” He approaches the head guard and begins whispering in his ear. The head guard exclaims, “The General, here, tomorrow!? Has the Mayor been notified?”

The other guard tells him the Mayor has not been notified. The head guard looks slightly panicked. He orders the four guards w/ the slaves to lead the slaves to the constabulary. He orders four more guards to return to the town square, “You four go back to the square and make sure the vendors clear out by daybreak and those Dwarves don’t start anymore trouble. We need that place cleaned up by the morning.”

He addresses Floyd and Roger, “I take it you two where the ones responsible for containing the wolf situation at the festival. On behalf of the township of Snaga I would like to thank for keeping our citizens and visitors safe. HOWEVER, I am a bit bewildered by the fact that you currently have the beast in your custody. The animal keeper that the wolf belongs to will be held responsible for his negligence BUT I’m sure he will want his creature back. And I’m not sure what your connection with this man is…” He motions to Asholm.

Now the head guard addresses Asholm, “…but it seems we have a very unusual situation here. By your fine cloths I guess that you may come from wealth but I must remind you that it is illegal for commoners and peasants to own slaves or deal in slave trade. Now, I have some important business to attend to but I’m going to need the three of you two follow my men to the constabulary for questioning about the incidence in the square and… well, whatever all this is about.”

He motions to the guard whom delivered the information to him, “Come with me to find the Mayor.” He and the guard depart.

The four remaining guards, tell the party to follow them to the constabulary. The adventurers take advantage of the situation and simultaneously make a break for it.

Asholm dexterously bolts south down the alleyway, hoping over trash cans and making an overall flashy spectacle of his acrobatic running skills. Roger is close behind as he shoulders his way through two guards who were distracted by Asholm’s stylish exit and sprints straight down the alley. Meanwhile, Floyd takes this distraction as an opportunity to stealthily retreat back towards the street while the guards begin to run the other way.

As Asholm approaches the alley opening into the next street he emits the most manly little girl scream he could, “Help me! They are trying to get me!” in hopes to cause a scene and bring onlookers. His plan works as festival goers and passersby gather at the end of the alley way to see what the commotion is all about. Asholm slips through as the alarmed pedestrians gather at the end of the alley opening. Roger makes a mighty leap and front flips over the crowd but the less athletic guards run headfirst into the crowd.

Floyd and the wolf quietly make their way along the parallel street and the party safely joins back up together having eluded the guards. The group flee just south of Snaga to a thicket of trees undetected. After another failed attempt to befriend the wolf, Roger resolves to try again in the morning. The party sets up camp and sleeps till dawn.

In the morning Roger and Floyd fumble with setting a snare to catch some breakfast, meanwhile Asholm uses her short bow to catch a rabbit. He skins the hare and fashions “lucky rabbits feet” for the party. Roger and Floyd each accept the gift and they dine on rabbit for breakfast.

With the rumor that Asholm’s home has been commandeered by someone he convinces the other two to travel north to investigate. They spend much of the morning making their way around Snaga, safely out of sight, and then to the main road leading north.

After some time traveling the wolf is alerted to a presence behind them. The party stops to see what it is. Rustling can be heard in the bushes a ways down the road and after Roger calls out, commanding the creature show itself, a halfling in slave’s rags emerges and responds with, “You bastards!” It is the halfling slave from The Rat’s Daggers.

He approaches the party, identifies himself as Quinry Cobblenack and questions Asholm about his involvement with that “bastard” drow. Asholm explains himself and includes that he often buys slaves to free them… then they come live with him at his house. This is the first time Roger and Floyd have become privy to this information as well. Roger, Floyd, and Quinry harass Asholm’s about the idea of “freeing slaves so they can live with him.”

After some conversation it is revealed that Quinry was abducted by some drow and sold into slavery and that the guards booted him from town after they questioned him about being a magic user. He told them he was not and they left him on the outskirts of Snaga with no food, cloths or money. They did however take the human slaves to the constabulary after identifying them as acolytes who are know to be casters of magic.

Asholm offered him the rabbit fur to fashion into cloths and also the fourth lucky rabbits foot. Quinry accepted and by happy circumstance happens to be a leather worker. The party agrees to travel with him to the next town of Stegrove where he could hopefully replace his leatherworking kit. He also lets slip that he might know of some treasure to be had, something he might have revealed to the drow if they weren’t such “bastards”. Asholm was very interested in that information.

The Party invites Quinry to travel with them for a bit and they continue down the road. Eventually they cross paths with a vendor heading back south toward Snaga. The vendor is pulling a mobile merchant’s cart which looks to have been looted and the vendor himself looks rather roughed up. He asks for some water from the Party and explains that the royal military has blocked off the road ahead of the Party.

The adventures give him a drink of water. The vendor goes on to explain that he was cleared out of Snaga early morning and was heading back home up north. The military seem to have some kind of construction going on across the road. They beat him, looted his cart, and sent him back down south. He thinks the Party for the water and continues on his way.

The Party resumes traveling until they can begin to make out the commotion on the road ahead.

And here is where we leave our heroes this week.


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