Plane's End

Three Ring Circus

Session 1 (1-21-2015)

Asholm Blumpkins, Floyd Anistatio, and Roger Ruffington meet up for the first time at the Harvest Day Festival in the medium sized town of Snaga. In the town square many Snaga citizens as well as travelers are gathered for the evening festivities. Many vendors, performers, and attractions provide entertainment for the festival goers. Caged beasts from far off lands are on display.

Floyd is playing his guitar for any who would listen when he is approached by Saethroua, a lovely human woman who seems quite taken with his talent. Saethroua flirts with Floyd and pays him one gold piece. Asholm, who is in town on other business, is passing by when he takes notices of Saethroua’s sizable coin purse. Asholm quickly dons his fine clothing and attempts to woo Saethroua as is his usual “scheme”.

Across the square Roger is taking in the sights, enjoying the mead, and dominating a game of strength or two. Nearby a rowdy group of Dwarves argue with one of the animal tamers over a perceived insult involving their homeland of Soyala. The argument turns into a scuffle and some of the animal cages are knocked over freeing a Soyalan wolf.

The wolf dashes across the square towards Asholm and Saethroua who are leaving the festival. Floyd is the first to take notice and puts himself in front of the beast, taking a jab at it with his dagger. Asholm, perhaps in an attempt to impress Saethroua, also rushes in. While trying to unsheathe his weapon Asholm trips over his own rapier and face dives into the ground right next to the wolf. The wolf promptly lays a bite into Asholm’s shoulder.

Roger is last to join in the scuffle. He crosses the square and uses his animal handling skills to try to calm the beast with little effect. Just then Floyd recalls a useful spell and casts “animal friendship” on the wolf.

Saethroua is impressed with Floyd’s handling of the situation. Asholm attempts to play off his foolish part in the encounter and he and Floyd vie for her affections. In the end Floyd’s charisma wins out. At Roger’s urging Floyd even heals Asholm’s wounds. Floyd places his foot upon Asholm’s and strums a magical “G” chord.

However, during the tending of the wounds it seems Saethroua has quietly disappeared into the crowd but not before stealthily placing some kind of binding bracelets upon EACH of the adventurers. The party attempted to remove and even smash the bracelets to no avail. They noted the bracelets had a magical appearance to them and their bashing did not leave as much as a scratch.

Despite the bracelet situation, Asholm has a mission at hand and bids the other two farewell. He takes his leave but upon traveling roughly one block away from Floyd and Roger the bracelet on his wrist brings him to a dead stop. He yanks at it as the other two feel pulling on their bracelets towards Asholm’s direction. A few tugs back and forth and the party quickly figures out the three bracelets where magically bound together and Asholm had inadvertently reached their distance limit.

Asholm rushes back and explains to the other two that he has an important meeting with someone and asks them to accompany him, after which they could figure out how to remedy the bracelet situation. They agree and the party, including the bewitched wolf, makes their way to a local restaurant called The Rat’s Daggers where Asholm is to meet his “contact”.

They walk around to the alley behind the restaurant, which was closed as it is after hours. Asholm tells Roger and Floyd that he needs to speak to someone inside and would appreciate if they would just hang back. Roger and Floyd meander around towards the front of the store, Roger again trying and failing to befriend the wolf.

Asholm knocks on the door and gives his name to the voice on the other side. The door opens and he is greeted by Durdyn Dhalmass, a male drow and “shady” associate of Asholm’s. The two speak in uncommon tongue as Durdyn leads Asholm down to the basement where he parades out three humans and a halfing (Quinry), slaves. Asholm looks them over and expresses his disappointment in the absence of elves, which is the race he prefers.

Durdyn tries to sell him on the halfling, he offers a deal of “half off the halfling.” Even at “half off” he prices the slave at 20 gold pieces which is more than Asholm had so he passes on the offer.

Durdyn hassles him a bit about wasting their time but offers up some information. He tells Asholm that they acquired these slaves up north and in his travels he heard a rumor that someone had taken over Asholm’s homestead, which is also up north. Someone was squatting in his house!

Asholm thanks him for the information and leaves but upon exiting the restaurant is confronted by ten local guards! They have surrounded the rear entrance. They ask him if he was involved in the incident back at the town square and what was his business here now. Floyd and Roger hear the commotion and sneak around to the side to see what is happening.

The guards don’t seem to be buying Asholm’s attempts to skirt their questions. A ruckus can be heard from inside the restaurant and four of the guards enter the building to investigate. They return, leading out the slaves but no sign of Durdyn.

As the slaves are brought out into the alley Floyd spots a familiar symbol tattooed upon the shoulders of the three human slaves, it is the same tattoo that he has. It is the symbol of his childhood temple and his acolyte people that he had been exiled from when he became an entertainer.

Just then four more guards spot Roger and Floyd from the street and approach them, alerting the other guards to their position.

…and this is where we leave our heroes this week!


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